TRUTH HAIR Acadia -  blondes : hair ~uber~ (Truth Hawks)

::C'est la vie !:: Gwyneth outfit (skirt houndstoorh) : Shiny Shabby (larcoco.mathy)
::C'est la vie !:: Gwyneth Vest
::C'est la vie !:: Gwyneth Outfit - HUD
fri. - Lazy.Socks (Navy) : * Wayward Winter *(Darling Monday) new 12 colors
fri. - Macey.Platforms (Coal) : ~uber~ (Darling Monday) new 8 colors

!APHORISM! Antique Necklace Jet (RARE) : Shiny Shabby gacha (Rucy Byron)
!APHORISM! Three String Beaded Necklace
!APHORISM! Janis Ring Jet
!APHORISM! Studded Ring Jet
!APHORISM! Beaded Bangle
::C'est la vie !:: Mabel Bag :  (larcoco.mathy)

MadPea Ungrounded Wings Unboxed : LOST and FOUND (Kiana Writer)
[tmk] gumball machine (red) : SaNaRae  gacha (tanakachang) aRu ty❤
[tmk] gumball bucket : (tanakachang)
Meche Cozy Cottage Curtains : Shiny Shabby (Eeilee)
dami,my art work deco,papers : : Shiny Shabby (poroory)
+Half-Deer+ Macaron Dream Buffet - Glass Display Case RARE :  The Epiphany. Gacha

*Shiny Shabby*
::C'est la vie !:: Gwyneth outfit (skirt houndstoorh) :  (larcoco.mathy) new 6 color
::C'est la vie !:: Gwyneth Vest
::C'est la vie !:: Gwyneth Outfit - HUD
The color you choose is, what color??? GO,,,,ダッシュ!≡≡≡ヘ(*--)ノ SHOP
*Shiny Shabby*
!APHORISM! Silver jewellery Collection : (Rucy Byron) gacha(13)
RARE3.  Necklace2. Bangle1. Janis Ring3.Studded Ring3. Nose Ring1
GO,,,,ダッシュ!≡≡≡ヘ(*--)ノ gacha Events

After also in January is a little.
Shopping weekend in the event.....
Early ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=(;-_-)/January events♪



[e] Khloe - Brunettes : hair gacha  The Epiphany. Gacha (elikapeka.tiramisu)
[taketomi]_Delia_Goggles : part (bella.earst)

::K:: Chunky Hooded Cardigan Femme Navy : Shiny Shabby unisex (Kitt Ragu)
SPIRIT - Anette ripped jeggings [DARK BLUE] : TDR (Spirit Osmus)
REIGN.- SNOW BOOTS- (#12) : he Epiphany. Gacha (kenadeecole)
~{ V I N C U E } Kittie+Gloves//SlinkSplayed//: gacha (cate.ying)

Sari-Sari - Cabin Winter Home for Epiphany : (AbbyAnne)
Sari-Sari - Cabin Winter Home - Rocking Chair (Deer)
Sari-Sari - Cabin Winter Home - Rocking Chair (Mountains)
Sari-Sari - Cabin Winter Home - Stump Coffee Table
Sari-Sari - Cabin Winter Home - Bookworm Toolbox
Sari-Sari - Cabin Winter Home - Breakfast Griddle RARE
Sari-Sari - Cabin Winter Home - Pancakes and Sausages RARE
Sari-Sari - Cabin Winter Home - Cup of Coffee
Sari-Sari - Cabin Winter Home - Cup of Tea
Sari-Sari - Cabin Winter Home - Wolf and Bird Book

[NO CONCEPT] Cargo trailer(white) : kustom9 NEW 3colors (arinco)

*ionic* Rural Bunk bed {blankets} :JanuaryTCF gacha (lakua Arriaga)
*ionic* Traveller's backpack  {black} 

!six o'clock! winter puppet wood : Cosmopolitan gacha (Pepite Roxa)
floorplan. brocante. windmill wall decor : (Tegan Serin)
{anc} bloom / bottle chair [magic purple] : The Epiphany. Gacha (aki69)
 ・Furniture, described only increased new furniture・

*Shiny Shabby*
::K:: Chunky Hooded Cardigan Homme/Femme : (Kitt Ragu)
NEW 7colors unisex
::K:: Chunky Hooded Cardigan  / Texture Changer HUD
The color you choose is, what color??? GO,,,,ダッシュ!≡≡≡ヘ(*--)ノ SHOP

*The Epiphany. Gacha*
Sari-Sari - Cabin Winter Home : (AbbyAnne)
REIGN.- SNOW BOOTS- (#12) : (kenadeecole)
[e] Khloe - Brunettes :  (elikapeka.tiramisu)
{anc} bloom / bottle chair [magic purple] : (aki69)
What did you Gacha? Cute item GET.
GO,,,,ダッシュ!≡≡≡ヘ(*--)ノ gacha Events

Auroral observation ☆∮。・。・★。・。☆・∮。・★・。 
I want to see Aurora.
It will withstand the cold. (* ´艸`)クスクス



.LeLutka.Alyssa hair.Honey : hair (Thora Charron)
[Z O O M] Delevingne Glasses : TDR (Jonas Acanthus)

Rowne.Von Jarrar Coat - Ivory : (Fashionboi Landar)
GizzA - Judith Silk Top [Red] : The Secret Affair (Giz Seorn)
GizzA - Judith Boots Pants [Velvet Black] : The Secret Affair (Giz Seorn)
GizzA - Judith Boots Pants [Velvet] Boots : The Secret Affair (Giz Seorn)
[White~Widow] Legend - Henna - RARE : The Epiphany. Gacha (Julie Hastings)

Meva Alis Set Brown : Necklace& Earring Cosmopolitan (Mea Carnell)
::C'est la vie !:: Mia bag (black) : LOST and FOUND gacha (larcoco.mathy)

Location : - Paris Je T'aime -

20. Blueberry / Common / Flirt - Bra (Polka) - Angel (M) :The Epiphany (blueberryxx)↓↓↓
30. Blueberry / Common / Flirt - Panties (Polka) - Angel (M)
Meva Alis Set Gold : Necklace& Earring Cosmopolitan (Mea Carnell) ↓↓↓

*The Secret Affair*
GizzA - Judith Set : NEW (Giz Seorn)
GizzA - Judith Silk Top(1) +GizzA - Judith Boots (2)Pants(2)=>1 set ===Three types of sale
The color you choose is, what color??? GO,,,,ダッシュ!≡≡≡ヘ(*--)ノ SHOP
I enjoy the fashionable winter.
Let's go shopping.



[taketomi]_Cara_ : hair NEW (bella.earst)
CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 01 / thehatter RARE : The Epiphany gacha (Kaorinette)
*COCO*_FashionDoll_Head_MIA_Peach : (cocoro Lemon)
*COCO*_FashionDoll_Body_Peach : (cocoro Lemon)

=Zenith=Lolita Winter Coat (Black) Fitted/ Maitreya : The Epiphany gacha (miffyhoi.rosca)
*COCO*_LeatherGloves_Black : (cocoro Lemon)...sale price
REIGN.- Aria Plats- Black : The Saturday Sale (kenadeecole)

CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 03 / alicelostherhead RARE : (Kaorinette)
CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 14 / queenscepter : (Kaorinette)
CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 09 / thechesire (Kaorinette)
CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 13 / thekey (Kaorinette)

*The Epiphany gacha*
CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / exclusive / thegameboard 1 : (Kaorinette)
CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 05 / marchhare
CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 06 / drinkmebottle
CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 07 / petflamingo
CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 08 / jabberwocky
CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 11 / lanced

+Half-Deer+ Fairylight Balloons [Pastel Set] : Collabor88 (halogen.magic)
JIAN :: Wise Owl's Tree : (jiansl)
{anc} suger rose field [pink] : (aki69)

CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland.......*The Epiphany gacha* Fantasy item
It has flown down to a Fantasy country.
MINAMI's Adventures in Wonderland ((´∀`*)).......☺



*Besom~Beauty Marked *Browns* : hair TDR (kattington)
. Quirky . - Steamer Headband - Rosey - Small : (glitch.grantham)

r2 A/D/E shou[rainbow] : Collabor88 (rei2 Aya)
[White~Widow] Legend - Henna - RARE : The Epiphany. Gacha (Julie Hastings)

Meva TSS Winter Set Iron : TSS (Mea Carnell)
Necklace.Earring,Bangle.Ring SET new3 color
Le Poppycock *Wind-Up Key* (Silver) & pose : (Olivia Lalonde)

Sari-Sari - Country Kitchen Set (White) : TLC (AbbyAnne) White.Natural 2type
Kitchen set counter top has 2 texture options
+Half-Deer+ Fairylight Balloons [Pastel Set] : Collabor88 (halogen.magic)
Warm roll cabbage pot-au-feu poche : TSS (miyu Adder)
[ zerkalo ] Coffee on the Porch - Sideboard - Light : TSS gacha (anaisterpellie)

Maid robot MINAMI
Maid waits for the return of My master
House sitting、 and dog and cat
And nap.(*´0)ゞファァ~~♪
I am tired of waiting
Power OFF......................................................!
 ァ '`,、'`,、('∀`) '`,、'`,、 



enVOGUE - HAIR Rihanna - Ombre : hair (Casandra Rain)
enVOGUE HAIR - Rihanna Fitted Accesory

::C'est la vie !:: Leah Coat (ivory) : TSS (larcoco.mathy) NEW 7color
{amiable}Lace Long Skirt_Check03 : TCF (nodoka Vella) NEW8 50%OFF

6 [[RH]] Chiigura set (Red) : TSC gacha (ryo.ixxel)
*May's Soul* Rain Day. Tulips RARE : The Epiphany. Gacha Event (May Tolsen)

{iD} RooM PartitioN - ConcretE : TCF (haz.starship)
10 [[RH]] Cat Sit : TSC gacha (ryo.ixxel)
6 [[RH]] Cat (red) CHIGURA : TSC gacha (ryo.ixxel)
7 [[RH]] Cat (Gray) CHIGURA : TSC gacha (ryo.ixxel)

=Zenith=Lolita Magic Book Bag (Cherry) -Rigged : The Epiphany. Gacha Event(miffyhoi.rosca)
*Tentacio* Is snowing Boots. Grey : TSC gacha (May Tolsen)

Hospitality of Japan... Winter pot Party of Japan
*The Seasons Story* [[RH]] Design House gacha  (ryo.ixxel)
2 [[RH]] Nabe set BOX [RARE]
4 [[RH]] TATAMI (Horigotatu type) old wood
8 [[RH]] Cat (Red) ONSEN
9 [[RH]] Cat (Gray) NEKODANUKI

Pot party !!!
Body and also I warm heart.
Let's eat together......................................................... cat : meow (=´∇`=)にゃん



TRUTH HAIR Austen -  blondes : hair ~uber~ (Truth Hawks)

GizzA - Urban Princess [Black] Sweater : (Giz Seorm)
GizzA - Urban Princess -  [Black]Tutu : (Giz Seorm)
fri. - Portia.Heels (Midnight) : Collabor88 (Darling Monday)
fri. - Portia.Heels HUD 8 legwarmer options

Meva Flower Scarf Necklace Brown : On9 (Mea Carnell)
Mikunch x [solita] pompom muffler (Non rig) : gacha (lllmiku)
REIGN.- Knit Gloves- Black : (kenadeecole)...past item
(Yummy) Valena Box Purse - Solid Color Set : (Polyester Partridge)

Location : Memento mori

*GizzA* - Urban Princess :  (Giz Seorm)  NEW!!!! 2 type 1SET 66 pattern lovely❤
You like what combination?
The color you choose is, what color??? GO,,,,ダッシュ!≡≡≡ヘ(*--)ノ SHOP

Collabor88* fri. - Portia.Heels : (Darling Monday) NEW  8color
The color you choose is, what color??? GO,,,,ダッシュ!≡≡≡ヘ(*--)ノ SHOP



Tableau Vivant \\ Shocking hair - Blonds : hair Collabor88 (M4ri1yn Magic)
-David Heather-Holiday Sunglasses/ : FLF 1.1past (gianni.broda)

!APHORISM! Winchester Parka Women : TSS (Rucy Byron)
::K:: Inner Turtle Neck Black Female : (Kitt Ragu)
KITJA - Jazz Leggings PINK : TDR (kitja.rexie)
paper.arrow leather.boots worn : FLF1.8past (paperarrow)...Other colors
.Shi : Scarf Backpack [Unisex.Black] : (joy.laperriere)
(Yummy) Kitschy Holiday Ring - Sweetheart Candy : gacha (Polyester Partridge)
[sau]Tooldog[biker set] : TMD (NiR McBrid)

Location : -Saint-Pete City-

*The Seasons Story * =♀=
!APHORISM! Winchester Parka :  (Rucy Byron) NEW 13 color

*The Mens Dept* =♂=
!APHORISM! Winchester Park (Rucy Byron) NEW 10color

The color you choose is, what color??? GO,,,,ダッシュ!≡≡≡ヘ(*--)ノ SHOP



rezology Sine : hair (Selc)
*LODE* Head Accessory - Iris [original violet] RARE : TCF gacha (chirzaka.vlodovic)
CURELESS [+] Silent Bouquet :ROMP: (Kaorinette) 1.8~Coming soon
-Glam Affair - Caroline Skin -  New Day - Artic & America : FlF1.1(aida.ewing)

GizzA - Ribboned Ruffle Dress [Salmon] : TCF (Giz Seorn)
=Zenith=Shoulder Faux Fur : gacha (miffyhoi.rosca)
[hh] Donata Strap Heels - 20 Textures : Hello Tuesday  (Hilly Haalan)
[White~Widow] Breathless : tattoo (Julie Hastings)...Past events sorry

Meva Leather Flower Necklace Grey : Mea Carnell
(Yummy) Bumble Bee - Aqua : gacha (Polyester Partridge)
(Yummy) Single Butterfly  - White : gacha (Polyester Partridge)

Location : Lost Dream-Les reves perdus-

* The Chapter Four*
GizzA - Ribboned Ruffle Dress :  (Giz Seorn) NEW 6 color 50%OFF ROOM
GizzA - HUD! Ribboned Ruffle Dress Texture Changer
The color you choose is, what color??? GO,,,,ダッシュ!≡≡≡ヘ(*--)ノ SHOP



!Oleander ~ Halverson. Natural Tones : hair 12.25.FLF...GG←now (takagigraves)
[HD]RecordMan headphone -BLACK- : gacha (hiko.nino)
VCO ~Elf Mesh Head [Elin] 005 : gacha (yamette)

ISON - cropped cable knit sweater (beige) : Collabor88 (Harry Hyx)
NYU - Buttoned Front Skirt :  Fa Meshed (nyunyu.kimono)
ISON - leather knee boots  (dark brown) : (Harry Hyx)

N-Uno - Alana Scarf // Black : Shiny Shabby(Numer0Un0)
AZOURY - Nude Backpack Black : * SaNaRae Heaven Ocean * (Mayhem Seetan)
~{ V I N C U E } Kittie+Gloves - Coffee - Common : gacha +21 (cate.ying)
[HD]RecordMan Set(09)-BLACK x WHITE- : gacha  (hiko.nino)
Le Poppycock *Painkiller* : TCF (Olivia Lalonde)

Location : Intro 

*Fa Meshed*
NYU - Bare Shoulder Knit : NEW 6 color (nyunyu.kimono)
NYU - Button Front Skirt : NEW 6 color (nyunyu.kimono)
The color you choose is, what color??? GO,,,,ダッシュ!≡≡≡ヘ(*--)ノ SHOP



[BURLEY]_Octavia_II : hair (bella.earst)

..::( siratama )::.. 1 - nenju-kazari : :::BAROQUED:: gacha ((pnknkitin)
*:..Silvery K..:*Japanese Lady's shoes for winter(Me_Purple) : :::BAROQUED:: gacha (gin Fhang)

[[RH]] KOTATSU set : :::BAROQUED:: (ryo.ixxel)
[[RH]] KOTATSU set -Black

[[RH]] Kuruwa  item :  (ryo.ixxel)
[[RH]] - Kuruwa- FUTON 1
[[RH]]  -Kuruwa- GOBAN
[[RH]]  -Kuruwa- Kimono ruck B
[[RH]] -Kuruwa-  Candle (Long)
[[RH]] -Kuruwa- Hibachi
[[RH]] -Kuruwa- Decoration -Tama-
[[RH]] -Kuruwa- Decoration -Crane- (Red and White)
[[RH]] -Kuruwa- Bed side Light (Black)
[[RH]] -Kuruwa- Armrest A
[[RH]]  -Kuruwa- Rug (Gara)
[[RH]] -Kuruwa- FUMIZUKUE 2
[[RH]] -Kuruwa- ZABUTON (clover)
[[RH]] -Kuruwa- ZABUTON (chrysanthemum)

[[RH]] Japanese shelf :  (ryo.ixxel)
[[RH]] SHIGARAKI Tanuki :  (ryo.ixxel)

[MB] New Year Gacga item : (Ouka Ugajin)
2 [MB] Hoshigaki
3 [MB] Kite
4 [MB] New Year Decoration -mayudama-
5 [MB] New Year Decoration  -Okazari-
6 [MB] New Year Decoration -kagamimochi-
7 [MB] New Year Decoration -matsu-
8 [MB] Japanese flower arrangement -senryou-
9 [MB] Japanese flower arrangement -new year-
10 [MB] New Year Sake -otoso- (touch)
11 [MB] Tsunodaru -kin-
12 [MB] New Year dish -osechi 1- (topuch)
13 [MB] New Year dish -osechi 2- (touch)
14 [MB] New Year dish -osechi 3- (touch)
15 [MB] Mochi Making set BOX (secret)

[MB] Japanese Frniture Gacha item : (Ouka Ugajin)
[MB] Japanese Kitchin Shelf

Furniture of Japan HQ!!!!
Creator ryo.ixxel & Ouka Ugajin
Monkey Banana / [[RH]] Design House...Renewal 

Japan's New Year
Japanese style. . . . It was decoration image.