[BURLEY]_Hans_LBlonde04 : hair
booN vine shaved hair base blonde

(Milk Motion) vintage sweater -bi color grey(mesh) : NEW
GATO- Suscriber Gift : Mix Top( inner)
LG femme-Parachutes Legs - TAUPE
erratic / ripped stockings - feet / pink
Miamai_DecO_Cami Woman_Green : SALE (9.20~10.1)

[7891.] Xenno Cuff - Gold - Left
*dg* boro muffler tartan red
Nyte'N'Day - Ginger Belt - Burnt/Black Studs
::: B@R ::: Crescent Black
[VG] - 'Brody Gloves' in Lilac - Glove Layer : Marketplace
:::[S]::: Urban Multi Rings /Gold [R]

pose : Le Poppycock  NEW

In SS, it is unclear??? ◕‿-。
Moolto.com SISTER HUNT : DeeTaleZ Skin Gaby No.3 Spring
*eyes realistic green
*bushy eyebrows medium
*freckles darker
PIDIDDLE - Chapped Lips Only / NoTeeth : old gift


Vanity Hair:Street Life-coral : weekend 60 linden event!

The Sea Hole - LaceBack Tank - Faded Rose
Gun tattoo *BND* (5L$)
[ef] - In The Woods Jacket - Denim Pack :G gift
.S H I : Wrap Shorts_Python
[trs] Leg Rosary Tattoo : ..::I Love SL Fashion Boutique::..
**JPK Short Engineer Boots Black : NEW

bellballs essentials- Chic Feather Earring
bellballs essentials- Double Crossed Necklace (Silver)
Mimikri - Tussi Bag sand

Location : Africa



Magika [01] Faint : NEW CUTE❤
Moolto.com SISTER HUNT Kiosk : Chop Zuey Mens Gift Moolto (Hat)

[VG] Zebra Print Tees : Market place 3Color 10L$
(TokiD) cowgirl top (denim) [MESH]
ISON - kimono sleeve cardigan (sand)
erratic / jessy - studded shorts / brown
erratic / ripped stockings FLF 8Color ( brown)
Klamotte - Loose Socks - shades of brown 4Color(softbrown)

::C'est la vie!::shoulderbag(suede choco)non rig mesh : NEW
[VG] Brody Gloves (18 Colors) Market place
Moolto.com SISTER HUNT :Chop Zuey Womens Gift (Cuff Blk/Wht)

Since I wanted the hat, I hunted.
My friend Ouka~ty❤ blog       * hunt blog 



[e] Over - Blonde 07 : hair
[croire] mischief night gloss
-Perse- Guaca Mole

Wild Woodberry Coat - Yingy : Acid Lily  NEW
!IC- Skinny Pants Silver MESH
[monso] My Leather Oxford

TAE #20 LouLou&Co. : :* LOULOU&CO *:. - Bag :: TWEEDY :: L
::je suis...::nocturne::clock necklace
**en Svale** Gloves(Old Rose)
Shakeup! Vintage Ring [12] : The Arcade Gacha Events


tram  B921 hair / beige (past FLF)
Elven Ears Feather [BND] : Low price

~plank couture~ Gentle Bowler Hat(past Narcissus' Room;;;)
Willow~ MESH Peace Shades - Orange(closed shop)

BP*stripe shirts/ blue
ISON - knitted grains sweater (tan)
tulip. Oversized Cardigan (Sky - MESH) : The Arcade Gacha Events
[Innoc] arica pants [brown]
~plank couture~ Gentle white socks
*FIR & MNA* The Citizen Boots Brown

::C'est la vie!::shoulderbag(leather skull moca)non rig mesh : NEW
The Stag necklace (pearl)  rare : The Arcade Gacha Events ❤
he Sea Hole - Animated Fashion 5th - DeepDive : The Arcade Gacha Events
SWALLOW Bracelet r forearm silver and black (Group Gift) : notice


[e] Balance - Blonde 07 : hair
[kik]usamimi band

The Sea Hole - LaceBack Tank -  Lucky Penny : 6 color each 20L$
[Cynful] Lala's Shrug - Black ([AB] Turns 2 cake  past gift)
* Luas * : **Harem pants patchwork : subscribe gift
.+*AA*+. suede sandal *sand

{*I   FashiOn*} Catwoman Clutch : [_Stuff in Stock_] Discount!
~Pepper~ Sugar Skull Set -SiS- : [_Stuff in Stock_] Discount!
::MEZZO::group  *Bread necklace



[e] Sparrow - Essentials Collection : hair SALE
(NO) Pixie Cut Bow Headband - Dark Lines
L.A.C fresh spring bright pink blush / bright pink

{mon tissu} Loire Knit Shrug ~ Beige
!1mm***   Retro girl dress orange : LB
{nestle my bosom} peacock tights - sheer
*GF* Square-toe Shoes "Sophie" -autumn leaf- orenji

::C'est la vie!::shoulderbag(suede black)non rig mesh : NEW CUTE❤
Tee*fy Anya's Pico mofumofu scarf Fur brown
..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Square Rings : Low price
POSIES Animation & Pose Co : POSIES free(G gift)


*YS&YS* Megan Skin GroupGift (Bracelet)
TRUTH HAIR New Release & Group Gift 21 September>TRUTH

illmatic :: Dolce Strap Bustier - Black : inner top
*chocolat** Mein Shop : *CL**-Mesh-Medium Dress (LB)
(TokiD) sango vest (grey)
(TokiD) solo jeans (light blue)
UtopiaH- Better off Without You Tattoo
Miamai_DecO_Miranda Orchid : SALE 50~80%OFF(9.20~10.1)

[7891.] Nirvana Cross - Silver - Left
{ birdy. } feather / hair extensions (l)
::{u.f.o}::shoulder motor bag - sora : The Arcade Gacha Events
haut.monde - Kill The Beast Necklace : The Arcade Gacha Events



[e] Listen - Brown 04 : hair SALE
::EGO - lips Gloss Pack 1:: NaturaL 1

ISON - cutout square shirt (gray) : FLF
::HH:: Hucci Dallas Skirt  - Rose Smoke : subscribe gift
mijn.botique / hoserie / sheer studs tights

[ glow ] studio Villemo Earrings Redish TDR
::ITHACA:: Necklace_MatarileRile
Zaara : Tanya Dupatta (scarf) *coffee-creme*
HouseofFox :: Richie Bag


[e] Studio - Blonde 07 : hair SALE
[Auxiliary] Gacha_Mouse Ears (Bow) - Black2 : The Arcade Gacha Events
MDL ilovecupcake : Cupcake Chocolate Opps! (tattoo)& Cupcake  LB

*Fishy Strawberry* Drama Queen : inner
TAE #26 Sweet Intoxication : Mesh One Sholder Top
TAE #29 Fe Style : Bird Sneakers Tattoo
(TokiD) cocoro shorts (lime)
Lark - Cozy Socks  (Antlers) : gacha (1 paiy 25L$)
[Sleepy Eddy] Espadrille (Mustard) : The Arcade Gacha Events

ASO!AlphabetBrace : The Arcade Gacha Events
[*Art Dummy!] Pandora's Wooden Arms (together) rare❤
: S u g a r : Free STUFFAGE??? OMG is IT? : : S u g a r : Control Me AFKer↓↓↓
(With AO .It cannot be clearly seen. lovely....。◕‿◕。)



[e] Figure - Blonde 07 : 9.17~10.1 70%OFF SALE❤

SOUL. Autumn Poncho Mesh - GROUPGIFT
-tb- DIY Tee (black)...inner
::C'est la vie !:: knit turtleneck(cream)...inner
-SU!- Cargo Jeans Dark Blue
The Secret Store - Pumpkin wool tights : gift
:INSOMNIA:MEN'S SHOES.The Bishop (RED) unisex NEW❤

:INSOMNIA:The point of a limit(Necklace)
:INSOMNIA:Belt [SENEI] (rose quart)Unisex
(Milk Motion) Studded clutch - leather black : The Arcade Gacha Events


{moth} LB skin - 18 sempember 2012 : groupLB
[e] Over - Blonde 07 : SALE

::HINAKO Mesh_Ladies Denim-A : gift  ~ Acid Lily Gallery ~
couverture*border knit >Red...(NEW LM)
FFH - 38-*RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* : part *Japanese School Girl Slouchy Socks*
**DECO - MESH Lightning Bolts (blue)** : The Arcade Gacha Events
MESH Bolt Sweatband (bluewhite)&MESH Lightning Bolt

[Iruco] Neck Warmer (Border-red) : The Arcade Gacha Events
:pesca:old shoulder  bag/ikari-red : The Arcade Gacha Events
 Blow-Up - Pink Popsicle ...[AB] Turns 2 cake v2 past gift


[e] Caramel - Blonde 07 : SALE
(NO) Pixie Cut Bow Headband - Lace
SOUL. Glossy Lips Gift

::K:: 1st Anniversary Memorial Gift 2 : CityGirlJacket Memorial Gift limited color
**DP**yumyum:knit best (gray)
:pesca: white shirt banbi : old item
{SMS} Linen Pants Coral
{nestle my bosom} peacock tights - sheer

ASO! Cross Antique Necklace Gold(onikis)
MDL -Earrings - Free Group gift
Lucy In Disguise - Night Owl Box Purse - Orange
Synthetique Medium Fierce Nails (FFH - 120  hunt item)



(Chemistry) Hair - Lyric - Blonds : beanie 10 color❤
FOTA Hunt # 30 - h.m.a.e.m.: h.m.a.e.m. - glasses - fairy tales (5L$)
"tSg" Lip Laquer PINK T

SOUL. Pocket Tank Raven - Halloween 2012 : G gifut (notice) SOUL. Pocket Tank Raven
Spirit Store - Ella rigged mesh jeans unisex ripped light blue
[ hoorenbeek ] Wallabees - Blue/Orange

**JPK Leather Briefcase : NEW
**JPK Steampunk I-Phone Belt (Black) :NEW
-tb- Wrapped Scarf - Plaid : The Arcade Gacha Events
Shakeup! Vintage Ring [08] : The Arcade Gacha Events
MONS / Bracelet -xena (green&blue)

**JPK Village (Main Store) ........September 15   Renewal opening

 JPK Village(Ground)
Steampunk Village(Sky)

Owner  hekirekika.jinn & xxmugixx.haiku        Look ==>  blog
* There is a free gift tyyyy❤


(Chemistry) Hair - Lyric - Blond - Sand
LaGyo_Bonbon headbend
Esk-Imo Makeup: Lips Light Peachy  3

ISON - sheer baby blouse (champagne) : The Arcade Gacha Events
[Pink] Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse - whit
(TokiD) rolled chinos (beige) [MESH]
. S H I - Fabrik Lace-Up (Dirty Rose)

[glow] Studio Bow necklace TDR : [glow] Studio Bow Necklace (pink)
Tee*fy - Vintage Brownie Camera : BabyPink : The Arcade Gacha Events
: ) BCC macaron Shopping Cart Rare : The Arcade Gacha Events
^^Swallow^^^^Swallow^^ Gift Ring studs : G gift limited


(Chemistry) Hair - Lyric - Blond - Sand & Lyric beanie - Red
[AB] Turns 2 cake v2 : *ShadZ* No Signal - Aviator gift

Zaara : Isis Shirt *white*
TAE #04 SAKIDE : [ SAKIDE ] Irish Dropshoulder Pull Chocolate
FFH - 3 : Allusions : My top and I stole his jeans : Women's
Reek - Boston Boots - Brown

Le Poppycock *Bead necklace* Humility
Kari - Barb Watch
TAE #67 PiCHi : .::PiCHi::. Doctor Satchel Bag [leopard print]



*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Skin of the Sunday26 : limited SUNDAY(100L$)
.:Glamorize:. Flash Lips Makeup Layers
*Dura-Boys&Girls*36(Strawberry) : NEW

::C'est la vie !:: Boho puffy sleeves dress : NEW
--La BlaQ-- Moulin Fringe Vest - Soil
tram -scallop collars[UNRIGGED MESH] : past gift
Kyoot - Hollander Leggings (Basil)
{SMS} Socks Brown :old item
{SMS} Ballerina Shoes Gold

:pesca:old shoulder bag/shika-darkbrown :  The Arcade Gacha Events
Tee*fy - Vintage Brownie Camera : Portal : The Arcade Gacha Events
ASO!AlphabetBrace(IloveU)Gold : The Arcade Gacha Events
Shakeup! Vintage Ring [11] : The Arcade Gacha Events


PPH Bubble S 8 : A store changes a position and ends mini hunt?●┓
GG=>Panda Punx Violeta Sept. Skin Gift (It is different in SS. )
Clawtooth: ShimmyShimmy/ShakeShake Pack 2 50L Friday
(NO) Pixie Cut Bow Headband - Dark Lines

][AV][tank border blured
tulip. Oversized Cardigan (Gray - MESH) : The Arcade Gacha Events
(TokiD) solo jeans (dark)
(TokiD) destiny loafers  (TDR grey) : past...●┓

::{u.f.o}::shoulder motor bag - yellow(box) 1: The Arcade Gacha Events
(Yummy) Whatever Ring : The Arcade Gacha Events
#2 *katat0nik* (candy pink) Nada Watch : The Arcade Gacha Events
#5 *katat0nik* (candy green) Nada Watch : The Arcade Gacha Events

(TokiD) a scarf (creme)
[UMEBOSHI] Castor glasses -Black : 10L$



[LeLutka]-TREND hair - JustDone
MONS / Shane Exclusive TDRblue (Shop of the collection)

=Zenith=Bella (Beige) : inner blouse
(r)M~Lavish Vest~No.02 (Mesh) : CUTE ❤
*BOOM* Fall Tweeds II (smoke) : COLLABOR88
Maitreya - Leather Belt DarkBrown
[Gos] Posh Bootie - Autumn Trio

7891.] - ((Wear Me)) - Rolex Watch - Silver (W\Resize) : Lyfe of Style Discount Room
[  e l y s i o n    o p t i c ] ~aarya~ Eels Gift : old item
Indy&Co.: The Ireben Carry-all
Synthetique Medium Fierce Nails....FFH


>TRUTH< Aiyana (Plain) - golden : hair
[Play>] Morty Hat : old gift

*Fishy Strawberry* Harder Tee White/Brown
{SMS} 60's Mini Skirt Reds FLF
(TokiD) flower belt - sunflower
fri. - Ribbed.Calf Socks (Gold)
Reek - Ouch! Bandaid Knees
::GB::Driving shoes BROWN : G gift unisex ok!

=IZUMIYA=Mini Shoulder Bag/Line
undefined lilies - mad hatter (rose)
[label mode] plant a tree :: real (M pot)


*Kiedis* Kurt : hair  50%off closing SALE
~Mynerva~ Leviticus Elven Right Ear
Willow~ MESH Peace Shades - Yellow :closed shop

The Sea Hole - (MESH) Eonet Blouse - Milk
Marley- September Group Gift : Reppin Hoodie CURV pat
::K:: Braces Sarrouel Army Original-Mesh : NEW
(::K:: 1st Anniversary Memorial Gift...Kitt♪Congratulations ❤)
*ordinary* -Gorilla- Gold  

* [DIAPOP] * ::dp necklace::
~plank couture~ ES - Le Missionnaire Shoulder Bag
[North West] The 'Stache rings (latte,white,black) : FLF
[JB] Juicy Box - talk to the hand Tattoo

Location : L2 Studio -  Whispering Wind



[e] Looking - Blonde 07 : hair
{.essences.} : Gift Bag - Free Lipsticks

::K:: CityGirlJacket Tweed-Gray Original-Mesh
The Sea Hole - Seafarer's Cardi - Wheat
[Pink] Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse - white
Leverocci - Ankle Length Chinos_StandardSizing_Carbon : NEW SHOP LM
(TokiD) sumire flats (p. dark)

::Happy Finds:: Hipster Deer Necklace : 50L$
::Happy Finds:: Tiger Dancer Necklace : old item
elly::bow.scarf [paisley]
MOLiCHiNO Anniversary Show Free Gift : Clutch - Black BOW


booN AIA466 hair blonde RIGGED MESH
booN center part A hairbase blonde
::C'est la vie !:: Ribbon headband(multi dot pink)
{.essences.} : Gift Bag - Free Lipsticks

SHH - 42 - *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* : [*RD*]*Shift Dress-Sunset
Kyoot - Hollander Leggings (Cream)
[monso] My Western Boots

FZaPP Earrings September FREE (Subscriber ) By FZaPP : Earrings
::Happy Finds:: Vintage Face Necklace gift
AMERIE - Sheep Hands(Group gift)
[glow] Studio - Silver Fur Tiger Bag

Postscript :::Happy Finds:: Vintage Face Necklace gif↓↓↓

I made the mistake.
I did not change an item but have taken the photograph.^^;;;;;;;
A gift is the upper photograph.