*ARGRACE* Equestrian Cap/Dakota - Dark Blondes : NEW hair (jun tyyy◕‿-。)
Atooly - Berry Face paint : old item
kapone sun pink : MM max 50 (Daily Item Change)

**DECO - FLF MESH Peacemaker Duster female (militant)** : FLF
.:Mr.H:. v.iii #10 ::Fe Style:: ::Fe Style:: Jesus tattoo
[Cynful] Where is the Concert? 2 - Zia 2.0 Stripes LG : Zia Denim v 2.0 Mesh - Light Blue - Skinny
[ hoorenbeek ] Trail - Black & Green
[VG] Brody Gloves (18 Colors) : [VG] - 'Brody Gloves' in Pearl - Glove Layer here

::KBF FirstKlass Ring:::  fi*Fridays
*VOONER*MARI BAG_shotgun : gacha part *VOONER*Shotgun


/Wasabi Pills/ Kylee Mesh Hair - Vanilla pudding : hair FLF

even.flow - Bookworm Dress "The Catcher in the Rye"not free
=Zenith=sweater cardigan(Begie Mix streak) : E U P H O R I A Black sale past
erratic / basics - longshirt / dark red
*League* Folklore Leggings -Ziggy
**Bee Make**GG2012-11(wear) : **Bee Make**Engineerboot G gift

SINGER ICON FAIR - {*I  3FashiOn*} - Set - Musician Bracelet& Necklace
(TokiD) teapot bag (red)

Location : [PM] Pixel Mode / T Town



[taketomi]_Azu_Blondes : NEW hair (bon tyy♪)
Silver Lining Hunt - +Half-Deer+ : +Half-Deer+ Fawn Antlers (Monochrome)5L$

PaperBag. : . Pink Open Knit Cardi
PARADISIS Freebie gift : Skinny sweater lie de vin
e! Natalia Pants (Night)
(Milk Motion) eagle belt - grey (non rigged mesh-modifiable)
(Milk Motion) Viviane boots - sand

Silver Lining Hunt Object - Ty Zvezda : Diamond Studded Leather Clutch Purse - 5L$
PIDIDDLE - Ivory Claw Necklace
[Bamboo] Nails - Natural French : HQ
.:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Bracelet :: NEVERMORE :: old hunt


[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Eleonor ] - [ -Son of Flowers  ] group gift : SKIN❤
:::shiva:::lip GIFT BOX : :::Shiva:::lip001gin : Singer Icon Fair

A  S  O  ! Soothe. Down feather Vest Women (black) : NEW gacha
"NINIKO"BIG SHIRTS(check-Green) : inner (SIM close 50%OFF)
*BOOM* Armwarmers -Coal
Silver Lining Hunt :NuDoLu: :NuDoLu: Pantalon jean 5L$
SAH #5 ~Cysleek Design =^.-= : Cysleek Style Sneakers

.: Lemur :. & [Affonso] Comfete Collar and  Ring : past gift
POE5*GLOBE#108 - Meena : Meena Afghanistani mesh shoulder bag



*Dura-Boys&Girls*38(Strawberry) : NEW hair
*ARAI* glasses02 gentei-green,red

Soothe. at  A  S  O  ! : Soothe. Down feather Vest (leopard/gray) NEW
erratic / basics - longshirt / dark olive
(TokiD) rolling pants (red)
{T}-Tarten socks : old Item
 Treads @ Covet : 77 Loafers - Vintage Orange

[Auxiliary] Chunky Jewelry Set - Peacock : Bracelet &Earrings
(Milk Motion) fringe bag - brown
.::DMD::. Bookset 3 Textures and 2 Hold Options (AO compatible)


*JeSyLiLO*:::Lazy Sunday:::*LightSkin*19 : skim
TRUTH Jade - oasis : hair
::C'est la vie !:: Ribbon headband(dot brown/green) : gacha
**SHINE** Prim Teeth Vampire/Demon : LC♪

::C'est la vie !:: coco dress(butterfly charcoal)mesh : NEW❤
: ) BCC . bambino Cape Sand Brown
.::Mother Goose's::. Korean Embroidery socks(group gift2012.11) notice
Maubray // Marijen Wedge.moss 

!Ohmai : Antique Bee Posts : Bees Through the Seasons
!Ohmai : Antique Bee Ring : Bees Through the Seasons
PIDIDDLE - Cervidae Necklace - Gold/IvoryHorns
Fleshtone :: The Daenerys [Black] (E U P H O R I A )

I did many shoppings in the event a black sale and a weekend.
Large satisfaction 。◕‿◕。



-LaViere- Darya SoftCaramel : NEW hair (FLF)
.::Mother Goose's::.Josette-SKIN new LB
Maubray // Nelly Bugeye Glasses.fatpack : .red (gift)
★ The form of glasses is changed. Nice, an item !!!!!

e! Darla Blazer (Night)
[Aux]Corset 2fer - TDR-B : Grimm - Corset -  Antique
=Zenith=Bella (Beige)  Inner blouse
e! Spirit Skirt PLAIN (Night)
erratic / ripped stockings - feet / black
Maubray // Marijen Wedge.red (FLF)

MG - Necklace -Juicy Love Lips : (E U P H O R I A . )
Fleshtone :: Karmen Satchel Bag [Black] : (E U P H O R I A . )
pose : Label Motion HUNT(12BOX)


*barberyumyum*28/honey : hair
{dollle*} 05 Gift : Horn Knitted Hat : subscribe gift & G gift same

!![Foppish GG]BicolorWCoat / Ribbed Bow Cami : Bicolor W Coat{Penguin}
[Decoy] Dana 76 Jeans Fatpack : Dana 76 Jeans - Dark gift
~Pepper~ Ornament Belt
(Milk Motion) leather gaiter boots - black/camel : TDR-B

SIGMA Jewels/ Daphne necklace (mahogany) : (E U P H O R I A)
[ZD] Group Gift - Have Fun : MESH TUBESCARF (resizable) - warm knit
<ROM>  GG chocolate bag
Reek - Cozy Mittens - Snowflake Blue -

Location : Around The World



TRUTH  : Nyx - blondes : hair
^^Swallow^^ Shades Metropolis Gold And Brown : G gift

E U P H O R I A . Black Friday GizzA FEMME : GizzA - Felicia Coat -Mesh [Floral Brown]
erratic / basics - longshirt / darks (FLF) : erratic / basics - longshirt / dark black
E U P H O R I A . Black Friday [CIA Designs] : [CIA Designs] Biker Pants Red [Mesh]
(Milk Motion) eagle belt - lightbrown
(Milk Motion) Viviane boots - black

[7891.] - ((Wear Me)) - Nirvana Cross Cuff Earrings - Silver
bellballs essentials- Double Crossed Necklace (Silver)
(Milk Motion) fringe bag - black
ISON - aviary claw bracelet (gold)

★★★ Black Friday Sales  ★★★ ...... blog


-LaViere- Dara PaleBlonde : hair (FLF)
e! Grace Turtleneck (Midnight)
Paperbag. Brown Leather Circle Skirt
Nyte'N'Day - Ginger Belt - Burnt/Black Studs
{SMS} Braid Knit Tights Green 3
KAO : Suede Fringe Boots / camel

PIDIDDLE - Cervidae Necklace - Gold
[AUX] Tiny Tote - Peach
.+*AA*+.knit gloves A 01 : gacha

A black sale, the time-limited event
An amount of money may return officially.●┓



Magika [03] Quote : NEW hair

*Epic* Kawaii Heart Attack Ski Vest {Sherbet} Grenade Free Wednesdays
(NO) Goldfish Dress : inner
-SU!- Cargo Jeans Dark Blue
Klamotte - Loose Socks - darkbrown
Kapone : Tha Fuzion redgreen (MM max50 Change every day)

.+*AA*+. leather rucksack
*Epic* -Fi*- Rigged Mesh Arm Warmers {Basic}


Filthy : FILTHY CLOSING SALE *.All group gifts.....( C ) - June-gg-F . Cream skin
Magika [03] Quote
tram -chain headband[brown]

ISON - belted fur vest (snow)
.::PiNK CHERRY::. Casual Outfit Adele - Chestnut / MESH : NEW
.::PiNK CHERRY::. Slitted Leather Skirt - Black / MESH : NEW
[Fairy Tail]Kawaii Tippett-Brown
illmatic :: Knit Garter Socks - Black : PERFECT WARDROBE
J's Studded Long boots (Gray)

miel - CHUM necklace
(Milk Motion) fringe bag - cappucino❤not free

Location : *Tatty Soup* Mainstore.


*booN hairpiece YURI15 blonde : hair
PMHH#30-1MM.-Pink Cap : !1mm***   silk hat

WOMENstuff Hunt Gift #8 Essences : Essences - Papercoat Coal
WICH - #32 *SLAVE* DreSSing RooM : *S* Fur Cape
[DandelionWine] Lace Gloves Black
Emery - Socks Orchid Club #Black

::Happy Finds:: Birdmap Necklace : old item
::LEO-NT:: Strange Friends Ring
:pesca:chained bag gacha leo5
~plank couture~ Gentle Cane Animated



ROZENA ~Coco~ natural skin (2012 November Gift Skin)...limited
*booN DQO010 hair gold/blonde/sandy MESH
booN hairpieces GURA21 sandy
kapone : Kapone Cap yellowblack III/ G gift
$B.DC$eyemask_8bit_b (enji tyy❤)

.:villena:. - varsity red
kapone : Urban Swag Yoda shirt & top : G gift (unisex)
Ricielli Mesh - CHARMING hunt item#15 : Highwaisted Jeans //ethnicorange15L$
.::[F]uchOn ::. October GroupGift Minnie Halloween : G gift (unisex)

[M*G*S] Fur pad glove *White* : CUTE ♪
Tee*fy Thick  Wool Scarf Brown
SPLASH STORE : Avarice belt_HCH#29 Avarice Belt (unisex)



Alice Project - Steph II - Streaked Blondes : ConcertHunt20 hair
*dg* sidepocket beret
kapone : kapone sun black (MM max50.Change every day)

Ricielli Mesh - CHARMING hunt item#5 : Trench Jacket/#hotpink
Paperbag. Alison Sleeveless White
illmatic :: Dolce Strap Bustier - Black
{SMS} High Waist Pattern Skirt Art Deco Blue/Red TDR
Maitreya Moxie Over-Knee Socks * SeaGreen

tulip. Mexican Sun Mud Pack
[glow] Studio Dark Rider Gloves
Bliensen + MaiTai Mini-Tie Bliensen : past gift


*MY UGLYDOROTHY -2012 November Group gift : skim
[taketomi]_Yanny_Blondes :rhair CUUUUuuUUUUUuuuuuTO❤❤❤。◕‿◕。
::C'est la vie !:: cheek+Freckle : G gift
.::Mother Goose's::.lip(C)3teeth
.:*December*:. Glasses No.58 (old LB gift)

mijn.botique/cloth/wool blocks sweater (greyscaleA) : TDR
*Fishy Strawberry* Faux Corset Sequins Tee - Black : inner
[Iren] Pantalons_ beige
Lark - Spooky Socks - White Bats
Maitreya Female Desert Boots - Mud

[kik]earrings-Gatcha(3-SGO) : gacha  (Larcoco tyyy♪)
:NuDoLu Voyage: Collier de porte carte Matriochka : G gift
Le Poppycock *London Tote* Nottingham : NEW gacha
"anuenue.mufbon(kahki) : closed shop

[ContraptioN] Clemantlers *silver*  : LB (Corner) Ten minutes  ◕‿-。



BABEL Gift Hair ::Jewel::BOX : hair
Essences - Maria skin *soleil* sugar : TDR

*RibboN* NukuNuku-oneP(LB-P_leo) : LB
[NV] Lolo skirt -Jean blue- : 20 Item SALE 50%OFF(limited...?)
[SG*] Peko : old item

Tee*fy Anya's Pico mofumofu scarf Fur brown
Tee*fy Mini Crossbody Bag
[SG*] DoggyMittens : old item


(Milana) Tami - Light Blondes : hair
!lamb. Shoegaze - Mango....I made modifications. part hat
Urban Swag Sunglasses : G gift Kapone i love you sunglasses

ISON - geometric tunic (green) : NEW (FLF)
(TokiD) rolled chinos (orange) [MESH]
*Fishy Strawberry* Waist Jacket

*Tentacio* Old School clutch : [Stuff in Stock]
**pulcino**Prim nail "langue de chat" Pink : gift
.::YoPulga::. Halloween Cat Necklace (Group Gift)



[LeLutka]-NOOK hair/Light Brunette : hair
.::Mother Goose's::.lip(C)3teeth

!.RR.!HisShirt-White : L i m i t e d . B a z a a r
"NINIKO"FullsculpVest Vol.2(Beige)
- SFH - Medley : [M] Super Skinnies
PMHH#Zero Cool Designz-Pink Cap : ZC Daddy Cool Chucks

::LEO-NT:: Autumns frozen Soul`s ~Necklace : G gift (fee to join)
LaGyo_Dana Gloves Ivory


MiraiStyle : .+*Foto*+.Darkcherry :hair
: ) BCC. Papaya Eye LB
.::Mother Goose's::.lip(C)3

tulip. Contrast Sleeve Parka (Tomato - MESH) : NEW (FLF)
(TokiD) soft simple shirt
.::PiNK CHERRY::. Slitted Leather Skirt - Brown / MESH : NEW
::DirtyMind:: Caged Leggings :  fi*Fridays

MG -Necklace - Tarifa : COLLABOR88
MG - Earrings -Bracelets - Tarifa : COLLABOR88
Zaara : Tanya Dupatta (scarf with tassles) *black-gold*
::: B@R ::: Crescent Black