151231...New Year's Eve(大晦日)

[taketomi]_Jiao_ hair (bella.earst)
.ET. L'odeur du cuir Bunny Mask white : The Arcade Gacha (leenfantterrible)
LeLutka Mesh Head-STELLA : (jadenart)
DeeTaleZ *Appliers* LeLuka Heads "Face Marie" European : (steffi.villota)
DeeTaleZ *Appliers* LeLuka Heads "Gloss Lips Marie" European : (steffi.villota)

GizzA - Crystal Formal Dress [Cream] : (Giz Seorn) NEW 2 color 1SET 5 type
GizzA - Crystal Faux Fur Stole [Cream] : (Giz Seorn) NEW 2 color 1SET 5 type
[White~Widow] Creed : tattoo POE Hunt (Julie Hastings)
:[P]:- FLF- Maiklu Jewelry : FLF past (aikea.rieko)

{anc} glass ornament. (5) : gacha (aki69)
{anc} glass ornament. (1) 

antielle.Gluttony Garter&Stockings Set (Silver)  : Kaorinette

:Moon Amore: La viuda Veil (Black) : (psyqueen)
GizzA - Crystal Formal Dress [Black] :  (Giz Seorn)
GizzA - Crystal Faux Fur Stole [Black] : (Giz Seorn)
=Zenith=vintage pearl necklace with key - Rigged : gacha (miffyhoi.rosca)
.tsg. Ribbon Glove - Black : The Arcade Gacha : (eilfie.sugarplum)
GizzA - Paddy Clutch Bag : GizzA - HUD!Clutch Bag Texture Changer (Giz Seorn)
..::( siratama )::.. 7 - tyou-mai : :::BAROQUED:: gacha (pnknkitin)
*Item additional items, Described*

It ends today this year.
Supported by many people,
I have continued to blog.
With gratitude to everyone, it is full.
Everyone, please welcome a good year.



tram E924 hair(S)01 / beige : hair (moca Loup)
::C'est la vie !:: Lazy Day Gacha / Beanie(cream) : gacha (larcoco.mathy)
::C'est la vie !:: Star hairpin Groupgift : GG (larcoco.mathy)
*COCO*_FashionDoll_Body_Peach : DOLL! (cocoro Lemon)
*COCO*_FashionDoll_Head_MIA_Peach : DOLL! (cocoro Lemon)

::C'est la vie !:: Jasmine coat (plaid red) : Shiny Shabby (larcoco.mathy)
new 8color ::C'est la vie !:: Jasmine coat - HUD
::C'est la vie !:: Virginie scarf :  (larcoco.mathy)
=Zenith=Rain boots with socks (Maitreya) -Dark Grey : kustom9 gacha (miffyhoi.rosca)

Misdirection #LeatherGlove / black The Arcade Gacha (metro.moonwall)
=Zenith=Coins Fringe Bag (Choco) : (miffyhoi.rosca)
::C'est la vie !:: Teddy Bunny (I'm Princess/brown)RARE-C.ver : LOST and FOUND gacha
(cocoro Lemon)
::C'est la vie !:: Teddy Bunny (I'm Princess/black)RARE-C.ver
Fawny - My little puppy - Companion - RARE 1 :  -N21gacha (akirakiyoi)

Location : The Trace

↑↑↑BALACLAVA!! Fuji Kerosene Heater - Holiday Red : FLF (uriah.eulenberg)

*Shiny Shabby*
::C'est la vie !:: Jasmine coat : (larcoco.mathy) new  8Color
::C'est la vie !:: Jasmine coat - HUD
The color you choose is, what color??? GO,,,,ダッシュ!≡≡≡ヘ(*--)ノ SHOP



[monso] My Hair - Bonnie /Dark Blonde : hair Collabor88 (Morphine Janick)
VCO SKIN ~ benny : (Paultiim)
(Yummy) Kitschy Holiday Glasses - Valentines 1 : The Arcade Gacha (Polyester Partridge)

N-Uno - Alana Dress // Blue : Shiny Shabby (Numer0Un0)
!APHORISM! Knee Socks :  (Rucy Byron) new color Four colors 1SET 3 type

VCO ~ Honey Deco Phone . Biscuit 1: The Arcade Gacha (Paultiim)

Meva Teddy 4 : Shiny Shabby gacha (Mea Carnell)
Meva Teddy 2 2
Meva Teddy 2

Fawny - My little puppy - 8 : -N21gacha (akirakiyoi)
Fawny - My little puppy - 11
Fawny - My little puppy - 1
Fawny - My little puppy - Companion - RARE

GizzA - Dinning Set - Table :(Giz Seorn)
GizzA - Dinning Set - Console
GizzA - Dinning Set - Chair Floral
GizzA - Dinning Set - Bench Floral
GizzA - Halloween Decor / Blood Bottle : gacha(Giz Seorn)
GizzA - Halloween Decor / Blood Glasses - Dual

Soy. UTD - Five drops pendant light : The Arcade Gacha (Soyoy)
Soy. UTD - Drink showcase
Soy. UTD - Six doors cabinet w/bottles
Soy. UTD - Three doors cabinet w/bottles

10_8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Christmas : gacha (8f8)
Trompe Loeil - Hammered Silver Tree : The Arcade Gacha (cory.edo)
dust bunny . berry cake . arcade gift 2015 :  Collabor88 (lxlnoel)

I was able to prepare for Christmas.
Rest. . .
Just a promise! ← This is the essential No. 1.
 ァ '`,、'`,、('∀`) '`,、'`,、 



Tableau Vivant  Champagne - Balayage : hair Collabor88 (M4ri1yn Magic)

::K:: Fur Bolero Femme Oldrose : Shiny Shabby (Kitt Ragu) unisex new 7color
::K:: Fur Bolero / Texture Changer HUD
Tee*fy Sophie Cut-Out Ruffle Top Black : (azure.electricteeth)
{Reverie} 'Marychain' -  Kilts Rose : kustom9 (paolla.flux)
REIGN.- Dolly Plats- Black : (kenadeecole)
[White~Widow] Psycho - White : tattoo Cosmopolitan past  (Julie Hastings)

=Zenith=leather incase bag (Grey) Shiny Shabby gacha (miffyhoi.rosca)
=Zenith=Vintage Leather Gloves (Grey) -Maitreya Shiny Shabby gacha (miffyhoi.rosca)
Izzie's - Letter Heart Necklace (silver) : (Izzie Button)
(Yummy) Kitschy Holiday Ring - Snowflake (Silver) : The Arcade Gacha (Polyester Partridge)

Location : Keon & Neva

*Shiny Shabby*
::K:: Fur Bolero : (Kitt Ragu) unisex new 7color
::K:: Fur Bolero / Texture Changer HUD 
The color you choose is, what color??? GO,,,,ダッシュ!≡≡≡ヘ(*--)ノ SHOP



[taketomi]_Yukihime_ : hair Hair O Logy (bella.earst)  FlowerPetalClips! ←Two types of style
VCO SKIN ~ benny : SKIN Market place Limited Quantities Available(Paultiim)

SPIRIT - Tina top [GRAY] : TDR (Spirit Osmus)
*Fishy Strawberry* Bejewelled Cardigan - Black : TDR (Fae Eriksen)
*Fishy Strawberry* Snowday Pants - Grey  : The last timeTDR (Fae Eriksen)
FLite.-Winter Boots- Brown - RARE :  The Arcade Gacha (iamcole)
CURELESS [+] Komainu Guardians : tattoo ~uber~ Coming soon12.25~(Kaorinett)

=Zenith=Girdle Backpack (Cream) : kustom9 gacha (miffyhoi.rosca)
xin. kolouk husky (hug) : The Arcade Gacha (superjaix)

*May's Soul* Elf Story. Glottony : the Mid Winter Fair gacha (May Tolsen) 
*May's Soul* Elf Story. Where is the tree

Until Christmas, wait to count the finger.....∠(*^∇゜)ノ⌒由 Christmas♪



Tableau Vivant  Fanny II hair - Balayage : kustom9 (M4ri1yn Magic)

!APHORISM! Trench Coat : The Liaison Collaborative (Rucy Byron) new 6color
!APHORISM! Taper Trousers :  (Rucy Byron)
GATO Uncle Bosom 2 : gacha (Lalu Bonetto)
[ dami ] mini knit muffler #black : gacha (poroory)
fri. - Jessica.Boots (Driftwood) : Collabor88 (Darling Monday) new  6color

=Zenith=leather braids bag (Brown) : kustom9 (miffyhoi.rosca)
Misdirection #LeatherGlove / darkbrown : The Arcade Gacha (metro.moonwall)
Kibitz - Fabi's dream bracelet - silver : TDR (Kathya Szczepanski)

[NO CONCEPT] wall lamp(heart) : kustom9 (arinco) club.diamond.spade.heart 4
[Con.] Tilbury Roadster  - Rezzer HUD - (WEAR ME) - Red : TAG (ValiantCo)

*The Liaison Collaborative*
!APHORISM! Trench Coat :  (Rucy Byron) new 6 color
fri. - Jessica.Boots :  (Darling Monday) new 6 color
The color you choose is, what color??? GO,,,,ダッシュ!≡≡≡ヘ(*--)ノ SHOP



TRUTH HAIR Ryleigh -  variety : hair (Truth Hawks)  TRUTH 12 Days of Savingshere

GizzA - Norsk Jacket with Cardigan - Women [Stone] : Shiny Shabby (Giz Seorn)6color unisex
GizzA - HUD!Norsk Jacket with Cardigan Texture Changer
coldLogic neve pant - rolled dots : (coldLogic)
Pure Poison - Kiki Sneakers - Starz [BOXED] RARE : gacha (Shaleene Kenin)

::C'est la vie !:: Holly knit bag : (larcoco.mathy)
::C'est la vie !:: Holly knit bag - HUD 8 color

[NO CONCEPT] bar counter corner2 : TMD (arinco)
[NO CONCEPT] steel stool(black)
[NO CONCEPT] Bar tool gacha : TMD (arinco) 9 item

+Half-Deer+ Stringlight Clutter [Set of 3] : (halogen.magic)
{vespertine}- birdlandia pop up book bx. t(amelie.knelstrom)
b.v Starry lights (C-type) :  (ichi.swansong)
Furniture, my increased new furniture
The end of the event furniture, attach the URL of the location in the store

O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - ReinDog COMPANION BOX : TAG (damascusvera)
Soy. Chair with sheep fur (addme) : Collabor88 (Soyoy)

*Shiny Shabby*
GizzA - Norsk Jacket with Cardigan : unisex new 6 color  2 kinds of how to wear
The color you choose is, what color??? GO,,,,ダッシュ!≡≡≡ヘ(*--)ノ SHOP



.Olive. the Paloma Hair - Brunettes : hair (naminaeko)
.Olive. the Catch Me Bunny Ears - White
[White~Widow - Face Tattoo] Yume Pink w/eyeshadows : (Julie Hastings)

r2 A/D/E miyuki[white] : Collabor88 (rei2 Aya)
[White~Widow] Disclosure : We 3 Role-Play  (Julie Hastings)

Meva Bongo Set : Necklace & Bangle  Cosmopolitan Events (Mea Carnell)

dust bunny . mini christmas tree : Collabor88 (lxlnoel)
dust bunny . pile of presents

dust bunny . ruffle chair : The Arcade Gacha  (lxlnoel)
dust bunny . pom pom blanket
dust bunny . basket table
dust bunny . jewelry box
dust bunny . white rose pitcher
dust bunny . rag wreath

CURELESS [+] Mechanical Krampus Tongue (SILVER) :  Gen-Neutral (Kaorinette)↓↓↓
!six o'clock! curtain tub  - white - Adult : CCB past (Pepite Rox】flickr↓↓↓

Second floor of the home......Naughty σ(o^_^o)



enVOGUE - HAIR Gisselle - Ombre :  hair Casandra Rain
-David Heather-Aundran Brim Hat/Burgandy : 12.4 FLF (gianni.broda)

::K:: Mouton Boa Coat Homme/Femme : FaMESHed unisex (Kitt Ragu) NEW  6color
::K:: Mouton Boa Coat High-Neck Inner
::K:: Mouton Boa Coat / Texture Changer HUD 
:V.e. Jolie Silk Trousers Acorn : (valentinaevangelista)
!APHORISM! Brogue Boots : TMD unisex (Rucy Byron) NEW 6color

::K:: Ki-Co Cozy Scarf Femme(copy) Ivory : TMD gacha  (Kitt Ragu) 13 color
-David Heather-Bally Bag/Mahogany :  (gianni.broda) 75%OFFsale
Misdirection #LeatherGlove / darkbrown : The Arcade Gacha (metro.moonwall)
Le Poppycock *La Paix* Pose & Prop : gacha The Liaison Collaborative (Olivia Lalonde)

Location : *StoryBrooke Gardens*

-David Heather-Yves Bag/Black : (gianni.broda) 75%OFFsale
Sway's [Animal Face] Mug . coffee . bunny : gacha The Liaison Collaborative(Sway Dench)
{vespertine} - frosty snowman1 : The Arcade Gacha (amelie.knelstrom)

Video was able to safely UP.
Many people, who look at the video. Thank you very much.
I change in the views of the house, from autumn to winter.
It catches up to Christmas? ((´∀`))


151209....Second Life Machinima - 蒼い月 - The blue month

Video is now complete.
2015 U & M
Through Second Life, to the fantasy world

Second Life

Second Life Machinima
「 蒼い月 」   
~ 透明少女 ~

ある少女の願い (ReMixVer)
蒼い月 透明少女 2012 (IAバージョン)
Free BGM  d-elf.com (無料音楽、音楽素材)

minamikaze Oh / xxx minamikaze xxx
umekobutya Beck / US-C

[Fashion Coordinator]
minamikaze Oh / xxx minamikaze xxx

[Movie Design]
ume sib - collection
umejintan Beck / US-C

[special thanks]

blog : http://cocorolemon.blogspot.jp/
SL map : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/COCO%20DESIGNS/30/220/24
Owner : cocoro Lemon

t r a m
flickr : https://www.flickr.com/photos/tramtram/
SL map : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Minnaloushe/180/33/36
Owner : moca Loup

minami Doll ( Little Whitish person )
【 Body &face 】

【hair&outfit 】 
*Casual style*
 tram  E817 hair

*Baby doll style*
tram E925 hair

*Cat style*
tram E925 hair

Ume Doll ( Little Blackish person )
【 Body &face 】

【hair&outfit 】
*Casual style*
tram  E832 hair

*Baby doll style*
tram E925 hair

*Cat style*
tram E925 hair

Stage Setting

Directed by
minamikaze Oh

【Postscript】 This time Dole avatar is the protagonist.
I was interested in furniture this year.
Fun to prettify the house.
I would like to thank many of the creators.
Second Life is everyone has created the world
Second Life memories, their own, different
The memories, believe good things will remain
I want to continue enjoying a second life ❤

【追記】 2015年、今年も残りわずかとなりまた。
セカンドライフを楽しんでいきたいです❤ by みなみん



TRUTH HAIR Shaylee -  variety :  hair (Truth Hawks)  TRUTH 12 Days of Savingshere
(NO) Pixie Cut Bow Headband - Lace :part (Polyester Partridge)

::C'est la vie !:: Felicia dress (plaid navy*red) : TCF (larcoco.mathy) 7color
::C'est la vie !:: Felicia dress - HUD
::C'est la vie !:: Autumn Mug for TSS gift....past
!APHORISM! Knitted Tights Colours 2 : Shiny Shabby (Rucy Byron) 3color 1set
Mikunch / Houseki flat : (lllmiku)

The Arcade Gacha   Events
O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Yellow Lab : gacya(damascusvera)
O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Chocolate Lab
O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Black Lab
O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Puppy's Xmas Tree
O.M.E.N - French Bulldog ...gift 

{vespertine} - heater 5 : gacya (amelie.knelstrom)
{vespertine} - holiday treats/natural 10

Trompe Loeil - Washbasin Planter & Hedge : gacha (cory.edo)
Trompe Loeil - Vintage Diamond Floor Lights
Trompe Loeil - Hammered Silver Tree

+Half-Deer+ Jackalope Baby - For You (rez) 5 : gacha (halogen.magic)
+Half-Deer+ Jackalope Baby - Easily Distracted (rez) 2 
+Half-Deer+ Jackalope - Photographer (rez) 3
+Half-Deer+ Jackalope - Lumberjack-alope (rez)

[ keke ] winter metal tree - snow 1 : gacha (kean.kelly)

.Atomic. {Gacha} Into The Woods - Dresser : gacha (Ivy Graves)

dust bunny . berry cake . arcade gift 2015 : gift (lxlnoel)
DRD arcade gift miniature Bastion Castle : gift (Wyzard Merlin)
*  The Arcade Gacha gift ....Around the tree *
The Arcade Gacha Events Products list

GOGO~~ gacha!  ァ '`,、'`,、('∀`) '`,、'`,、 



[e] Quinn - Blondes : hair TDR (elikapeka.tiramisu)

NYU - Turtleneck Sweater, Red : FaMESHed (nyunyu.kimono) NEW color 6
NYU - Layered Button Shorts, Black :  FaMESHed (nyunyu.kimono) NEW color 6
Mikunch / Houseki flat : November TCF (lllmiku)
.Reckless.  - Hide and Seek (unpacked) : tattoo (landon.mode)
Pepe - Nails Maitreya (Soft) : TFC gacha  Nails (pepehair)
Le Poppycock *Aflame* Candlestick Pose & Prop : TFC (Olivia Lalonde)

The Arcade Gacha   Events
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Angel Candles : gacha (AbbyAnne)
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Blocks
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Deer Cookies
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Festive Sign
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Frosty's Cafe Sign
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Garland and Candle
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Gran's Gingerbread Recipe
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Greetings Sign
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Heart Plate (green)
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Heart Plate (red)
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - My Old Sock
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Reindeer Parking
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Reindeer RARE
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Santa Mailbox RARE
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Tree Cutout
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Tree Farm Sign
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Upcycled Advent
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Vintage Tin Trees
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Winter Morning
Sari-Sari - Traditional Christmas - Winter Table RARE

The Secret Store - Winter Foxes - Sitting / Red : gacha (maylee.oh)
The Secret Store - Winter Foxes - Diving / Red
The Secret Store - Winter Foxes - Standing I / Red

{anc} NO LIMITS.old electric pole[natural] : gacha (aki69)

The Arcade Gacha Events Products list



TRUTH HAIR Josette -  variety : hair (Truth Hawks)  TRUTH 12 Days of Savingshere
MoonAmore+Cureless  Angel Tiara  RARE : The Arcade Gacha  (psyqueen)

MoonAmore+Cureless- Charming Xmas RARE Dress : The Arcade Gacha  (psyqueen)
MoonAmore+Cureless- Charming Xmas Shoes [Coal] : The Arcade Gacha  (psyqueen)
[White~Widow] DeadMan - Black : tattoo Shiny Shabby (Julie Hastings)

CURELESS [+] Anemic Deers Pets : Sanarae Events Item (Kaorinette)
MoonAmore+Cureless- Charming Xmas [Ligths] ADDME The Arcade Gacha  (psyqueen)
MoonAmore+Cureless Charming Xmas Angels of Light - Gold TAG (psyqueen)
MoonAmore+Cureless Charming Xmas Angels of Light - Silver TAG (psyqueen)
[Iruco-tram] Ring01 . unisex 18 kinds of ring
Joint NEW gacha (iru Yebut & moca Loup)

*:..Silvery K..:*Christmas tree(Mesh_C)White :CCB (gin Fhang)
[NO CONCEPT] Christmas sled(white) : Tannenbaum Holiday Market (arinco)
[NO CONCEPT] snow crystal1
- Kalopsia - Bunny Foofoo - Sitting - Brown : Tannenbaum Holiday Market(isabeau.baragula)
- Kalopsia - Bunny Foofoo - Sitting - White
!Ohmai: X'mas Magic [Mee] : Tannenbaum Holiday Market gacha (Anya Ohmai)
!Ohmai: X'mas Magic [Tee]
!Ohmai: X'mas Magic [Rae]
RO - Hotel Paranoia - Pestillence : gacha (axsisthorn)

Location : ume sib-collection...Best friend home Under construction (∀`*ゞ)エヘヘ
Season December rush!
Second Life It is a very beautiful world inside.



TRUTH HAIR Arden -  variety : hair (Truth Hawks)  TRUTH 12 Days of Savingshere
*BOOM* Warmy Panda Breather Mask (black) : past itemShop is closed (Aranel Ah)

::K:: Bulky Knit Hoodie Femme Black : unisex (Kitt Ragu)
SPIRIT - Ambra baggy pants UNISEX [GRAY] : unisex  (Spirit Osmus)
Flite. Yacht Shoes - Blue/Tan - : (liamcole)

{Imeka} Basic Scarf *Pastel Colors* : The Kawaii Project (NatiWilliams)
::GB:: reindeer knit glove :past gacha (Takuya Jin)

Sari-Sari - Paper Mache - Wendy Ship : ~Enchantment~ (AbbyAnne)

--ANHELO-H02RN-15AGA :: old garage : 6 Republic Event (fk0724)
--ANHELO-M10RN-15AGA :: hose
--ANHELO-M09RN-15AGA :: workbench
--ANHELO-M11RN-15AGA :: garnish A

~BAZAR~ California-Surf boards rack : 6 Republic Even (ria.bazar)
~BAZAR~ California- Industrial lamp
~BAZAR~ Toronto-World map art ...shop
~BAZAR~ Stockholm-Bicycle stand-alone (decoration)...shop

Apt B // Goodbye Autumn Chair : Shiny Shabby gacha (FadeArcade)
Apt B // Goodbye Autumn Cart 
Apt B // Goodbye Autumn Light 

+Half-Deer+ Snow Tracks [Set A] : (halogen.magic)

ASO! Wood Wreath (natural) : CCB (menieelee.gelles)


[i HOME] Sleigh (Add Wear) [RARE] : CCB gacha (hitomi.marialla)
[i HOME] Yukidaruma
[i HOME] Snow Dump (Add Wear)
[i HOME] Scoop
*Where the event is over, is the LM shop.*

People who live in snow country is,
Every day, it would be busy on snow removal.
I, live in places where snow is not rain
Falling snow
I am happy like a child (o^―^o)

Location : Home of a close friend UME! Winter Landscape makeover...Under construction