[BURLEY]_Carly : NEW hair (bella.earst)....wb BURLEY❤Market place
*LODE* Head Accessory - Peony Crown [pink] : gacha  (chirzaka.vlodovic)

20.[DAMI]spring is coming RARE : gacha The Gacha Mania (poroory)
GATO- Most Basic Stockings FATTY Stockings peach : NEW (Lalu Bonetto)
Pure Poison - Le Ballet Flats - Powder Pink for SLINK : Shiny Shabby (pety.galaxy)
[LOVE SOUL] NAILS HUD-Slink Appliers*Dot-White* : (bluestarrui.villota)
.Identity. Slink Enhancement for Fly Away : (Melissa Hindrabar)

GizzA - Papillon Set : Shiny Shabby (Giz Seorn)
(Yummy) Single Butterfly  - White : gacha (Polyester Partridge)
(Yummy) Ladybug Ring - Pink : gacha (Polyester Partridge)
(Yummy) Garden Cocktail - Canary : gacha (Polyester Partridge)
Le Poppycock *Promener le Papillon* : pose&Butterfly (Olivia Lalonde)

Location : (*^-^*) HPMD



Lamb. Bunny - Light Brown Pack : hair  -N21- (Emma Gilmou)

GizzA - Kate Dress [Rose] : Shiny Shabby (Giz Seorn)
*GizzA - Pearl Long Necklace....Accessories Contains
~Cannibelle~ Whimsical Garden Tights with SLink : (Annabelle Couturier)
Eudora 3D Dahlia Pumps (Slink High) : Love is in the Air past (Eudora3D)
:Moon Amore: oh ganesha HandTattoo : Cosmetic Fair (psyqueen)
Hello Dave - Slink AvEnhance - My 49 (Gloss) : Maia Gasparini

-David Heather-Dolce Purse/Mahogany : Shiny Shabby (gianni.broda)

GizzA - Kate Dress (Rose.Smoke.Beige.Green) : Shiny Shabby

Location : Dawn of Radiance



[Entwined] Katerina - Dark Blondes : hair Shiny Shabby (vivienmarli)
*LODE* Hat - Sombre with straps [black] :Shiny Shabby  (chirzaka.vlodovic)

Cocoroni basic coat outfit S #2 : :: KUSTOM9 :: (nosanta)
~Cannibelle~ Shimmy Tights - White : (Annabelle Couturier)
.Atomic. Slouchy Knee Socks - Charcoal : COLLABOR88 (Ivy Graves)
*COCO*_RidingBoots_DarkBrown : COLLABOR88 (cocoro Lemon)
Hello Dave - Slink AvEnhance - My 49 (Gloss) : Maia Gasparini
:Moon Amore: oh ganesha HandTattoo : Cosmetic Fair (psyqueen

Mikunch / oneloop muffler(Non rig /OK mod)6 texture pack : (lllmiku)
Ariskea [Boheme] Mandala : (diaxm)

* Cocoroni : basic coat outfit : :: KUSTOM9 ::

Location : Dawn of Radiance



Shiny Shabby Gift ~[Entwined] Anna : OMG! cute hair (vivienmarli)
JfL round hat V.4 old pink : (Johnfrancis Laville)
LaGyo_Vintage pearl earrings : COLLABOR88 (gyorgyna.larnia)

::C'est la vie !:: jiyun tops(ivory) : Shiny Shabby (larcoco.mathy)
-Pixicat- Victoria.Skirt (BlackWhite) : The Fantasy Collective (areve)
Pure Poison - Le Ballet Flats for SLINK and Maitreya : Shiny Shabby (pety.galaxy)
:Moon Amore: oh ganesha HandTattoo : Cosmetic Fair (psyqueen)
La Malvada Mujer - The Family tattoo : (faina.cortes)

Noodles - Nostalgia Necklace : (natalee.oodles)
NS:: Heart bag 2 : The Gacha Mania (nani Soulstar)nodoka tyy ♪

Location : *StoryBrooke Gardens*



[Uw.st -7R-]   Giz-hair   ash blossom : hair past Events (Din Raymaker)
GizzA - Colette Cap [Burgundy] : The Chapter Four (Giz Seorn)
Glam Affair - Romantic Girl Glasses (Apricot) : FLF (amberly.boccaccio)
LaGyo_Vintage pearl earrings : COLLABOR88 (gyorgyna.larnia)

GizzA - Colette [Burgundy] : The Chapter Four (Giz Seorn)
Mikunch / cropped wool pants : (lllmiku)
~Cannibelle~ Polka Suspender Belt Stockings : (Annabelle Couturier)
REIGN.- DARLING WEDGES V2- BLACK : (kenadeecole)
Soy. HAJICHI -KIKAISHIMA- Hand tattoo (addme) : :: KUSTOM9 :: (Soyoy)
[LB RacerSilver] *Slink* Manicure & Pedicure : With Love Fair 2015 (Santana Lumiere)

=Zenith=Feather Dream Catcher Necklace (Gold) : :: KUSTOM9 :: (Miffyhoi Rosca)
::LC:: Dolly Nail Polish Bag [Bubbleyum] RARE : The Showroom gacha (piinky.chrome)

[Uw.st -7R-]   Giz-hair  tan : hair past Events (Din Raymaker)
GizzA - Colette [Black] : The Chapter Four (Giz Seorn)
LaGyo_Vintage pearl earrings : COLLABOR88 (gyorgyna.larnia)
^^Swallow^^ BadLove Clutch : (luciayes.magic)

Location : Laviere & Tee*fy, MishMish,The Secret Store, Kirin, Pizza'



~Tableau Vivant~ My love hair - Blonds : hair COLLABOR88 (M4ri1yn Magic)

(fd) My Love 3/4 - Bones : COLLABOR88 (Toast Bard)
(fd) Newsboy Pants - Olive : COLLABOR88 (Toast Bard)
Emery Lumberjack Shirt Tied Around The Waist 03 : COLLABOR88(sunami.beck)
[LOVE RE ME]Shoes#04 BLACK  : The Chapter Four (ingram Dean)
:Moon Amore: Sol & Luna Hand Tattoo : Cosmetic Fair (psyqueen)
Hello Dave - Slink AvEnhance - My 49 (Gloss) : ( Maia Gasparini)

(Yummy) Chunky Heart and Key - Silver : COLLABOR88 (Polyester Partridge)
.Shi : Scarf Backpack [Unisex.Black] : :: KUSTOM9 :: (joy.laperriere) Nuu tyy♪

Location : EPIA: Every Pixel Is Art - Mainstore



MOON // Hair // Naturals - The Eye : KaWaii Fair (silent.acoustic)
*Fishy Strawberry* Feline Glasses : The Chapter Four (Fae Eriksen)

[DAMI] Heart cardigan+flare onepiece 03 : (poroory)
.Atomic. Slouchy Knee Socks - Toupe :COLLABOR88 (Ivy Graves)
fri. - Marsali.Flats (Brick) : :: KUSTOM9 :: (Darling Monday)
:Moon Amore:palmas arriba tattoo : Cosmetic Fair (psyqueen)
Hello Dave - Slink AvEnhance - My 49 (Gloss) : (Maia Gasparini)

Ariskea [Cat Lady]Black Stripe Cat Bag : :: KUSTOM9 :: (diaxm)
Leechouette - muff.20 : gacha (linolatina)
+Half-Deer+ Tiny Teacup Giraffe - Prism Power : gacha KaWaii Fair (halogen.magic)
+Half-Deer+ Tiny Teacup Giraffe - Angel : gacha KaWaii Fair (halogen.magic)

Location : UMBRAL



[taketomi]_Meari_ : NEW hair Creepy Kawaii Fair (bella.earst)
::C'est la vie !:: Miia Hat : (larcoco.mathy)
[geek.] Best Fort EVER - Goggles Pak - Steampunk : past Item (jada.tigerpaw)

[Sheep Door] Down Jacket Khaki : CCB (meito Karu)
::HH:: Hucci Yigi Leggings Leather - Midnight : Love is in the Air2015 (eboni.khan)
REIGN.- Sofie Boots- Cocoa : (kenadeecole)
::GB:: reindeer knit glove : past Events gacha (Takuya Jinn)

^^Swallow^^Backpack-Dark Secret-Heart : TDR-F (luciayes.magic)

UMEGrandfather &MINAMIGranny (We old is healthy.)ァ '`,、'`,、('∀`) '`,、'`,、

[[RH]] IRORI set  : CCB (Ouka Ugajin)

CREATORS COLLECTION BOX  close  Japan time the 14th 24:00



TRUTH HAIR Wren -  blondes : hair (Truth Hawks)

*TuttiFrutti* Romantica Mini Dress : With Love Fair 2015 (Bela Tolsen)
*Fishy Strawberry* Embrace Me - Olive : COLLABOR88 (Fae Eriksen)
.Atomic. Foxy Socks - Light Gray : Chapter Four (Ivy Graves)
REIGN.-Studded Katya Flats- Black : past Events (kenadeecole)
[LOVE SOUL] NAILS HUD-Slink Appliers*Lollipop* : CCB (bluestarrui.villota)

LaGyo_Flower silhouette - Mouth : Love is in the Air2015 (gyorgyna.larnia)
MG - Necklace - Little Memory Locket - Long :  Love is in the Air2015 (Maxi Gossamer)
^^Swallow^^ BadLove Clutch : Cosmopolitan (luciayes.magic)
(Yummy) Birthstone Ring - October - Opal : gacya (Polyester Partridge)

{what next}Sweetheart Balloons Decor : Love is in the Air2015 (Winter Thorn)

Location : the outer garden


~Tableau Vivant~ Liebe hair - : hair Love is in the Air2015 (M4ri1yn Magic)

GizzA - Cecelia Dress [Cream] : Love is in the Air2015 (Giz Seorn)
GizzA - L'amour Heels [Cream] : Love is in the Air2015 (Giz Seorn)
*PerveTTe* [Tattoo] DelicRosary : (lanna.cobalt)
*PerveTTe* [Tattoo] HipLeaf [Black]  : (lanna.cobalt)

ieQED evil.queen.tiara.silver RARE : Fanasy Gacha (sigifaust)
ieQED evil.queen.head.jewel.silver :  Fanasy Gacha (sigifaust
ieQED evil.queen.necklace.silver : Fanasy Gacha (sigifaust)
ieQED evil.queen.bracelet.silver : Fanasy Gacha (sigifaust)
ieQED evil.queen.ring.silver : Fanasy Gacha (sigifaust)

Le Poppycock *Winged Persuasions* Unisex Wings : Chapter Four (Olivia Lalonde)
Le Poppycock *Cupid's Fault* Female  : Chapter Four (Olivia Lalonde)

Location : the outer garden



TRUTH HAIR Jinx : hair (Truth Hawks)
*barberyumyum*Headband type2-brown : CCB gacha (toraji Voom)

Foxes - Wallflower Dress & Cardi - Lady : COLLABOR88 (tyr.rozenblum)
.Atomic. Slouchy Knee Socks - Pink : COLLABOR88 (Ivy Graves)
fri. - Marsali.Flats (Brick) - Slink : COLLABOR88 (Darling Monday)
[LOVE SOUL] NAILS HUD-Slink Appliers*Geometric* : CCB (bluestarrui.villota)
NEO** knee tattoos - Nabi - lovely : (briceneo)
:Moon Amore: Elephant Hand Tattoo :(psyqueen)
[ glow ] studio - Bubble Pearls Ring (black)  :past event items  (anemysk.karu)
Label Motion - Love Balloon Red : For Love is in the Air 2015 (anne Dakun)
Label Motion - Love Rabbit White :  For Love is in the Air 2015 (anne Dakun)

+Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtains [White Set] : COLLABOR88 (halogen.magic)
Con.&floorplan. Branch Light : COLLABOR88 (Tegan Serin)
APPLE FALL : The Chapter Four gacha ★Complete★(warehousefifteendesigns) ume tyy♥
:CP: Botanicals Console Table : The House Hunt (Isla Gealach)
[DDD] Paper Heart Curtain : (anke.hatchuk)


+elua+ Hollis1&2_Ombre A pack : hair The Chapter Four (Miu Edman)

DeeTaleZ Dresses MESH simple mini Dress ROSE : For Love is in the Air 2015(steffi.villota)
Foxes - Wallflower Dress & Cardi - Lady :  part cardi (tyr.rozenblum)
~Cannibelle~ Shimmy Tights : (Annabelle Couturier)
fri. - Cora.Heels (Cherry) - Slink : (Darling Monday)
[LOVE SOUL] NAILS HUD-Slink Appliers*Dot-Black* : CCB (bluestarrui.villota)

Emery Dori Scarf Leopard 02 : FaMESHed (sunami.beck)
Rowne. Vittoria Leather Tote - Red :  COLLABOR88 (Fashionboi Landar)
(Yummy) Double Heart Studs - Ruby : COLLABOR88 (Polyester Partridge)
(Yummy) Ombre Ring : COLLABOR88 (Polyester Partridge)

Location : Relief of soul



Glam Affair - Sophie In Polar : SKIN  Love is in the Air (aida.ewing)
MINA Hair - Daisy - Busty (materials) : hair Love is in the Air (mina.nakamura)
{theosophy} Caerwys Glasses (Tortoiseshell) : (trace.osterham)

E-Clipse Joy Shirt White : Love is in the Air (thetra.blackheart)
E-Clipse Karina Pant  Black : Love is in the Air (thetra.blackheart)
Izzie's - Cat Tights Feet plum : (Izzie Button)
fri. - Eve.Heels (Gravestone) : past Events (Darling Monday)
La Malvada Mujer - The Guardian Tattoo : (faina.cortes)

MG - Necklace - Little Memory Locket : Love is in the Air (Maxi Gossamer)
C L A Vv. Bulletbag - Winter : The Mens Dept (thepierrot)
.Shi : Fingerless Glove [Female]SET 3 : gacha (joy.laperriere)

*PosESioN* Rapuncel Set : pose Love is in the Air (Dahriel)

Location : * L'Arc-en-Ciel *



*barberyumyum*43 Brown : hair  CCB (toraji Voom)
*Fishy Strawberry* Feline Glasses : The Chapter Four (Fae Eriksen)

::C'est la vie !:: Emma dress (indigo) : The Chapter Four (larcoco.mathy)
.Atomic. Foxy Socks - Black :  The Chapter Four (Ivy Graves)
*REIGN.- LACED BALLET FLATS- Camel : (kenadeecole)
[LOVE SOUL] NAILS HUD-Slink Appliers*Dot-Black* : CCB (bluestarrui.villota)
.Identity. Body Shop - Fly Away : (Melissa Hindrabar)

^^Swallow^^ StreamPunk Necklace :Love is in the Air (luciayes.magic)
Birdy - Chibi Kitty - Brown : The Chapter Four gacha (nina.helix)
.Enfant Terrible. Bags DChoc : The Mens Dept (leenfantterrible)

Label Motion - Misha @ Love is in the Air :pose (anne Dakun)

Location : Leechouette



*ARGRACE* IRORI - Blondes : NEW hair (rika Oyen)

B.C.C stand by me Outfit Cherry : CCB (vitamingirl)
[LOVE RE ME]Shoes#04 BROWN : The Chapter Four (ingram Dean)
[LOVE SOUL] NAILS HUD-Slink Appliers*Dot-White* : CCB (bluestarrui.villota)

pose : Le Poppycock ~ Cupcakes Anonymous 5L Hunt : (Olivia Lalonde )

dust bunny & windsong . valentines tray: The Chapter Four (lxlnoel)
Con.&floorplan. lazy sofa / brown A : ~uber~ (Tegan Serin)...ume tyyy♪

Location : my home ♪



[taketomi]_U.F.O.SweaterHair_ : hair CUTE❤ TSS Events ...past...(bella.earst)
*+Crie Style+* Voglia(Platinum) : Love is in the Air2015 (Grazioso Alekseev)
A:S:S - Frostbite v2 : gift (photos.nikolaidis)

GizzA - Oversize Knit Top [Terra-Cotta Print] : NEW (Giz Seorn)
{SMS} Braid Knit Tights Farmland : past item (irie.campese)
S@BBiA::Tweed Long Boots : CCB (Jury Gothly)

=Zenith=Maroquinerie Backpack (Begie) : The Mens Dept (Miffyhoi Rosca)

Location : NODe+