!lamb. Blue Velvet (Mesh) - Blur Root : hair
JfL skinny brim fedora hat_felt_black red band : Coming soon♪

-LaViere- Modern Mod Top
Willow~ Peter Pan Blouse (closed shop)
JOJ Male #20 Vestigium : Vestigium - Death of the lucky tattoo
tulip. Watershed (Taupe)

(Milk Motion) eagle belt - light brown
[LOVE SOUL] Necklace*Bat Skull*White : LB
[DDL] From me to you (ring) Group Gift
PP- Jakie Studded Mesh Handbag- Brown* : SFW


(Chemistry) Hair - Lyric - Blonds : +Hair - Lyric beanie - Red

Kai Mahalo GG Vest Women : blog (notice2.17)
tulip. Baggy Sweatshirt (S - Charcoal)
Rerty Zoo : rerty rabit (rerty prod) : Low price CUYE♪
coldLogic capri - brooks.sepia
Latreia- Logan Red : G gift

Rerty Zoo : sak de respo camo : Low price CUYE♪
[DDL] The NN (1) (Red & Gold) : gacha
!!! Flasher - Kick Backs (wear me - ANIMATED!) : 1L$ Coming soon   (flickr)



[e] Play - Blonde 07 : hair

DRIFT Morning Tank [MESH] Lazy Sunday Special 3-Pack
-tb- Used Raglan : inner T
=kk= Hanged Jeans-Denim : NEW (Suspender hud ....Low price♪)
illmatic :: Suede Minnetonka Moccasin - Aztec :  CUUUTEEEE❤

::LC:: My Kute Bag [Brown] : SLW
{af} Chinese (Group Gift) ♪
*ultras*/bull swag/chain(S)

Location : { apple fall }



*Dura-Girl*37(Strawberry) : hair

.:villena:. - coat white : NEW
Zaara : Isis Shirt *white* 
(NO) Floral Knit Sweater - Orange
{SMS} Carrot Pants Apricot : NEW
ANEXX_ClassicCreepers_Brown_ ( B...tyyyy❤)

[ glow ] studio Snakish Necklaces : FLF
[LeLutka]-BOEL bag/cutis (AR) 
**pulcino**Prim nail "Castela And Milk" Red : gacha? (yas tyy)


[LeLutka]-LIVELY hair - Fades Natural
PIDIDDLE - PopPop Headband - Licorice : My Attic
DeeTaleZ Skin Brilliance Skin Gogo FACE 4 Free Edition MED FAIR : sold out;;;

.:villena:. - coat white
Paperbag. Brown Leather Circle Skirt
Q - crusader tights
HouseofFox :: JusticeWedges[Solid Socks]

LaGyo_The Desperado bag - retro
HouseofFox :: ForeverYoung Ring



[e] Quirky - Brown 04 : hair (SALE~2.26)

Wunderland - Studded Vest BLACK : NEW
VACKRA - Lita Blouse
::C'est la vie !:: Skater skirt(bird ivory)mesh : NEW (Stuff in Stock Discount)
.::Mother Goose's::. Knee socks  : old gift
.::CENSORED::. Happy Valentine's Day GIFT : G gift ( notice 2.14)

{SMS} Everyday Purse Brown gold bag
[ glow ] studio - The Nest Necklace (gold)
Candy Nail #P091 Love me do Brown : LB


TRUTH Bella w/Roots - seaspray : hair
[EY:NO] Bunny Headband (reopening gift) : [EY:NO] Bunny Headband (gold)

"La petite fleur" Gift Mesh Cardigan : (Brown) : past gift
Leverocci - Satin Ruffle Top_StandardSizing_Creme
::C'est la vie !:: Skater skirt(bird black)mesh : NEW (Stuff in Stock Discount)
PIDIDDLE - Scrunchy Wool Socks - black
(Elate!) Kate Flats (Champagne)

(Yummy) Caprice Set - Black and White : COLLABOR88
lazybones - buffalo bag : buffalo bag [FLOWER/SILVER] (past SLFW)

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The tension falls down........................>┼○ バタッ



[e] Figure - Brown 04 : hair (~2.26.SALE)
LaGyo_Starla Beret brown/gold

*chronokit* Fabre Jacket A.Leopard : NEW  E U P H O R I A (LIMITED Color!!!)
(fd) Polkadot Sweetheart Cream
(TokiD) Eri skirt (black)
(fd) Tap Shoe (Heart)

mijn.botique accessories / huge chain necklace set excl.TDR-F : necklace rosegol
..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Shiny Cross Bracelet & Ring :  fi*Fridays
tulip. Zoar (Clay)
pose : *coucou* female poses gift (subscribe gift)


[LeLutka]-INVERTED hair - Glucose : hair

*chronokit* Fabre Jacket Striped Red : NEW . E U P H O R I A (LIMITED Color!!!)
::K:: Bow-Tie Shirt Diamond Original Mesh
e! Natalia Pants (Cherry)
VG EXPLORER (womens) BEIGE/CAMO : G gift

ISON - vipera watch w/ resize script (onyx)
(Milk Motion) Studded clutch - leather black : gacha


[taketomi]_Azu_Blonde01 : hair

*chronokit* Fabre Jacket Ivory : NEW
*Fishy Strawberry*  Luna Tank Top - Black
[Aux]Belted Bells  - Vintage

LaGyo_Hummingbird necklace : COLLABOR88
[label mode] plant a tree :: real (M pot)

Mr.B   *chronokit* Fabre Jacket Striped Gray : NEW
           ..::: Kal Rau :::.. : Casual Jeans NEW

Location : Paradise Lost Remade



(fd) Michelle Tea - Cream Filling

::C'est la vie !:: LS simple dress(vintage green) : NEW CUTE❤
::C'est la vie !:: fur vest(black)mesh
Q - like a sir tights : Market place

.::Mother Goose's::. LaceClutch H : GALA#1 SGBs Mall
::SWEET LEONARD:: Let me love you   Necklace : past hunt
[ glow ] studio - Gold Crow Ring

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Action Womens Hair Christina

*BOOM*  Soft Swerve Off-Shoulder Top (Baby Blue) : NEW (FLF...past)
(TokiD) EPOCH - Tshirt - Owl (inner)
::Twisted & Spoiled :: Boyfriend #6 (ineer)
:pesca:scarf skirt(mesh)/white
{nestle my bosom} albino peacock tights
::{u.f.o}::pikko pikko loafer - brown

[EY:NO] Heart Ring Ensemble (gold) : Lazy Sunday
R.icielli - MAGNOLIA Earrings / Silver#Black
Ricielli Mesh - YUSE bag - halfsnake


Valentine gift of last week!
I do not match my character!!! lol
Gift we receive is just lovely any item.tyyy

[HUIT] francesca exclusive skin : gift (anc Ltd [francesca])
R.icielli - Lipstick DOLL : Market place

SYSY's SPLASH softpink Happy Valentines day!
Mstyle KAI Slings -  Valentines subscribe gift

Soothe. Cross Light :  NEW  fi*Fridays (not free)
pose : Le Poppycock  (not free)



[BURLEY]_Zia_II_Blondes : hair
tram -cat beret[UNRIGGED MESH][texchanger]- fur*B

Wunderland - Studded Vest GREY : NEW
e! Spirit Skirt PLAIN (Rasberry)
-ATTIC- Birds Stockings 2IN1 : (past fi*Fridays)
::{u.f.o}::pikko pikko loafer - pink : SALE(14~20. color red.pink.brown)❤

[glow] Drop Long Earrings : The Dressing Room FUSION
[glow] Drop Long Necklace : The Dressing Room FUSION
GIFT (Coffee&Cream) Deer-ee! Mesh Plush Deer ~silentsparrow~ : FLF
[*RD*]*Nailed-Pink Flower Set*
[AUX] Tiny Tote - Peach


booN DQO010 hair sandy : hair
booN hairpieces KOKU99 sandy
booN center part A hairbase sandy
Reek - Ween Cowboy Hat (Down - Girls)
MIASNOW Makeup 2013 - VALENTINE : G gift notice2.15

::{u.f.o}::gumong shirts - redcheck
[Gos] Desert Boots - Dirty Suede [bagged]

[kik]Valentine's day gift-heart melt : [kik]heart melt(L)-Valentine's day gift 1
Poison : +Bal+Indian bag 1
**JPK Fringe Medicine Bag
*League* Wanderer Jewellery Set : Wanderer Bracelet
Vestigium - Little Lamb Tattoo



TRUTH  Hollana - dark blondes : hair COLLABOR88
::EGO- Lips GLoss - NaturaL 1

::K:: Swing Coat Beige : NEW (unisex)
! ::K:: Swing Coat Valentine-Alloy&Pink gift(1L$)
JOJ Female #25 Happy Undead : Happy Undead - Cozy Dress [gradient teal-green]
Tee*fy  Stella Highwaisted Short Skirt Chocolate : COLLABOR88
Fleshtone :: Sheer Tights [Cross]
*CASHMERE*Retro Louboutins(neon) : cute❤ fi*Fridays

Swallow Bag and Shades (L i m i t e d . B a z a a r) sold out
welldone.atelier / Leather Gloves/ Black
[ glow ] studio - Heavy Spikes Necklace (gold)


[e] Changes - Brown 04 : hair
Color.Me.H.O.F [1960sFrames[Gold] Small/Lens

+HUHU+  Long top Etnic t-shirt : G gift ♪
(NO) Sheer Floral Henley - White
.:villena:. - leggings snake 1 for : SL FASHION WEEK
Leverocci - Range Boots_Rust

MiWardrobe - Candy Necklace - Group Gift -
[HANDverk]Heart Clutch.gift

Location : Hazardous



[e] Sound - Golden Browns : hair

coldLogic combo - meek.browns
(TokiD) Reve trousers (printed rose)
[monso] My Leather Oxford

tram doctors bag(small size) (Ggift)
PIDIDDLE - Chatty Hearts Ring Gift : notice


[taketomi]_Yanny_Blondes : hair
2moro* 2013 Special eyes : (3L$)
''{ RoA }'' -Tirol Valentine.:-)  : yas~~~♪tyy

tram -cable knit(MESH)[red] : NEW(red gift❤)until Feb 14th!!!
!gO! Eva skirt : NEW(Green...50%OFF)
{SMS} Braid Knit Tights Boudoir
J's Short Boots Laceup (RedBrown)

Atooly Hunts - Torn Between #6 : *Anymore LOVE necklace Torn Between
-tb- Haute Tote Bag
{SMS} Sorrow Long Skirt Belt :old hunt part
[JB] Juicy Box - talk to the hand Tattoo



Eaters Coma - GIFT 03 : hair FAT ❤
Urban Swag cap fuck : G gift

[ h ] Military Jacket - Mesh - Green : tag200 SALE♪
*Fishy Strawberry* Faux Corset Sequins Tee - Pink
coldLogic capri - brooks.sepia
[ hoorenbeek ] EarthKeeper - Tan/Beige

~Pepper~Woocen Name Necklace
~Pepper~  Sugar Skull Belt
~plank couture~ ES - Le Missionnaire Shoulder Bag
"anuenue.Arm warmer(Dbrown) : closed shop



-LaViere- Sonia Ombre : COLLABOR88
JfL sheep skin mesh hat : brown
Willow~ MESH Peace Shades - Yellow : closed shop

ISON - detzel leather shirt (gray) : COLLABOR88
coldLogic pant - wharton.khaki : (SALE2.10)
GizzA - Mesh Sneakers [Beige] : ❤◕‿-。❤

JOJ Female #42 PiCHi : .::PiCHi::. Leather Bow Earring
Atooly Hunts - Torn Between #10 PiCHi : Leather Bow Ring
::LC:: Envelope Clutch Noir : SL FASHION WEEK
Izzie's - *resize* Little Silk Scarf beige : past hunt
[GARAGE R.H.]8Ball Keyholder :old gift


I work from today(RL)....:(;゙゚'ω゚'):
The sale of coldLogic until 10th
I was able to have fun shopping.
Very satisfied!



Magika [03] Quote : hair
JfL Men's Wear :joj hunt JfL beret V.2 non rigged grey (Johnfracis tyyy♪)
JOJ Female #18 MiWardrobe: MiWardrobe - The Start Of Captain - Silver 

JOJ Female #49 Krautuve : =krautuve= female sweater "Dark forest"(topT)
Ricielli Mesh - VALENTINES hunt item #06 : 15L$
coldLogic leggings - chea.taupe : (sale)
-VERSHE- Tier3 (Black) : New Stuff in Stock! : (Vershel tyyy♪)

[7891.] Trust No Bitch - Gold&Gold
::Mr.Poet::Leather Backpac
::LEO-NT:: My Triangle -Bracelet-Set [gold/silver] TBH HUNT-box : -Bracelet- [silver/onyx]
JOJ Female #16 VIRTUAL/INSANITY : ONE AND ONE Belly Piercings

weekend!RL & SL←爆
Every day is busy
Today the weather is good.
Sign that spring is around the corner ◕‿-。